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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Miles and Miles of Blue...

What a view! - Banff 2004

So next in this series I had to add this photo, one of the most stunning views I have seen, snow capped peaks surrounding Banff. And to make this view even more enjoyable for me was the two hour hike up the mountain 1500m to the peak. In the distance is Lake Minewanka and Banff below

Just for a view at how far up we came here is the view of the starting point. Yes yes I know your probably saying we just took the easy way up by the gondola, but my legs will beg to differ on that. A great hike if you get the chance, and the gondola is the best way down :)

Are we there yet? - Banff 2004

Monday, August 15, 2005

Canada revisited..

Preparing to Sail - Tofino 2004

I've been going through my photos and decided I will put up a best of from my trip to Canada last year. It was a great trip and saw some awesome sights and also the icing on the cake was seeing a wild bear. So hopefully over the next series of posts they will concentrate on this trip.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

B&W - A day at the hockey

Does it need more water?

Wow so I have finally got of my butt and posted another photo, has been a little while but have been preoccupied with other fun things. This is my first roll using B&W film, and this is the best of the bunch. Well hopefully this post will keep Clare happy, well at least in the short term.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Warming inspiration..

Sunset Coles Bay - Tassie 2005

Have been looking through my photos and am being drawn back to sunsets. I think that this may be because of the looming colder weather and not wanting to let go of the warm weather. So here is another one from a recent trip to Tassie.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Sunset at the shack - The Great Lakes, Tassie 2005

Just some thoughts not really related to the picture above, maybe from the aspect of looking out in the distance and wondering what exciting things are just around the corner..

As I was walking home tonight I realised that winter has finally arrived and hit the shores of Sydney, although there are people who would probably say that it isn't that cold, but I think, when you can see steam from your breath! then it's definately cold. Then reality struck and it's almost June 6 months have passed and I want to know where the last couple of months have gone.. If you can locate them please let me know.. :)

Here's hoping we have a good snow season and I make it to the snow most likely PerisherBlue but am thinking Mt Hotham would be a good change or even NZ.. Oh yeah also hoping I get some cool shots and to use my snowboarding gear again..

If you have any tips or tricks for taking snow shots.. please let me know..

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tranquility... in a Tinny?

Cruising down Thompsons River - Tathra 2005

This itook is from christmas down the far south coast of NSW where my parents live. A mate and I were cruising down the river in his little tinny (*) and I had my camera and manage to snap this shot as though we were still

One of the things about this shot is the stillness, is very calming, especially living in Sydney were it's busy about 80% of the time

(*) Pronounced Tin e - which when you look this up in the dictionary means resembling or pertaining to Tin but my reference is more the Australian colloquial term for a small aluminum boat with an outboard motor

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cooky's Beach

Cooks Beach - Tassie 2005

This is from the same trip to Tasmania as the Coles Bay itook below.. anyway you wouldn't have realised but this was taken at 7:30pm..

Driving into Coles Bay

Coles Bay - Tassie 2005

One photo... or is it 3??.. (if you had the big picture you would see straight through my facade..)